Meet Magda

A Champion For Reedley College

I was born and raised in rural Fresno County and know the powerful importance of a great education. My education allowed me to become the first in my family to work for one of the most recognized names in the financial sector. A farm girl at heart, I left that job and returned home to make our community stronger by sharing what I learned. I now run my own business helping local entities have stronger operations.

With your vote, as trustee, I’ll bring rural values and business sense to the Community College District. I’ll prioritize Reedley College getting its fair share so that our kids can become the next generation of leaders in agriculture, firefighting, law enforcement, nursing and emerging industries. I’ll be a champion for our community, our faculty and our students.

I plan to be involved in the hiring of a new Reedley College President to ensure that we get more resources to improve our facilities, expand access to an increasing array of courses, enhance student success and increase the transfer rate to make students’ dreams possible.

As I walk the community, I look forward to hearing from you personally. I encourage you to visit my website at

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