Reedley College

Reedley College is often overlooked in favor of more urban areas when it comes to resources. Not getting our fair share of the pie means less dollars for our students and faculty and less resources for the local economy. Magdalena will be a tireless advocate for Reedley College and will use her business sense to advocate for rural communities in Fresno County getting their fair share of the pie.

Career Technical Education (CTE)

Magdalena understands the importance of preparing our next generation of local leaders. She’ll work to ensure critical classes are available to prepare our kids for jobs in the thriving agriculture sector, the healthcare industry, public safety and emerging opportunities in technology.

College Accessibility

Magdalena will champion greater accessibility to ensure equal opportunity for all rural students to attend and succeed in college and become part of a vibrant workforce and economy. No one should fall through the cracks due to transportation issues or lack of available courses.

Fiscal Responsibility

It is your taxpayer dollars, and Magdalena will be a strong steward of your funds ensuring that every penny is spent wisely, and efficiently.

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